[texhax] mathpazo font question: how to fix "\sl" when using package[sc]{mathpazo}

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Jul 14 17:36:54 CEST 2008

David J.C. MacKay writes:
 > Dear texhax,
 > I tried using
 > \usepackage[sc]{mathpazo}      (which invokes the pplx font family)
 > instead of
 > \usepackage{mathpazo}          (which invokes ppl font)
 > and I found that it sets the text better, with nicer spacing. Nice!
 > However, the downside of using pplx is that it doesn't provide any "sl"
 > fonts, so {\sl slant} comes out identical to {\em em}.
 > (Example latex file appended below.)
 > Please could a latex2e wizard advise me 
 > what magic one-liner to add to my document style
 > so that when I say "{\sl ...}", the ppl font's "sl" is used?
 > Replies direct to mackay at mrao.cam.ac.uk much appreciated.  

Who told you to use \em and \sl?  Look for a file 


on your system.  It explains the LaTeX2e font selection scheme.

BTW, the interline space is determined at the end of the paragraph but
\large is invisible when the paragraph is formatted.  Put \par into
the group:

{\large Some text.\par} instead of {\large Some text.}\par


 > \documentclass[12pt]{book}
 > %                 demonstrates the 'no sl' behaviour of [sc] option of mathpazo
 > \usepackage[sc]{mathpazo}
 > %\usepackage{mathpazo}
 > \begin{document}
 > {\normalsize\em some writing with normalsize em (not sl)}\par
 > {\normalsize\sl some writing with normalsize sl (not em)}\par
 > {\large\em some writing with large em (not sl)}\par
 > {\large\sl some writing with large sl (not em)}\par
 > \end{document}

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