[texhax] tex4ht .htf font files?

Henrik Frisk frisk.h at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 07:38:55 CEST 2008

Hi Nina,

Thank you for your reply!

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 7:00 AM, Nina Mazumdar <nina.mazumdar at gmail.com> wrote:
> .htf stands for hypertext font.  It is an ascii font table file in
> which character codes are provided for a given font in ascending
> order.  Each line of a htf file will have one character.  If you open
> cmr.htf, you can easily understand what I meant. Eiten Gurari has
> devised a poetic character substitution system with these *.htf files
> while post-processing the *.dvi output with t4ht program which is also
> part of TeX4ht bundle.
> Although it is not difficult to create .htf fonts for garamond or
> frutiger, it will be a non-trivial task for a newbie.
After I sent off my message I started experimenting with exactly this.
Though I think I could manage creating the .htf files, it would simply
 take too long and be terribly tedious (there are six missing fonts,
codes 0-255): Many lines to hand write...

> Your problem can be solved by removing the font loading commands from
> your document.  You may use the default cmr fonts during translation
> to HTML.  After all, html can easily be controlled by a .css and using
> garamond in the LaTeX sources do not provide any particular advantage
> except problems as above.
The project is for a book and it is required I use these fonts in the
printed version.

>> The other, probably simpler option would be to have some kind of
>> conditional inclusion of the two Adobe fonts - or rather conditional
>> exclusion of the font directive. Something like (pseudo code):
>> \iftex4ht
>> \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{pad}
>> \else
>> \fi


> 3. Create makefile in the following fashion:
> -------------------- makefile ---------------------
> FILE=<your filename>
> ## do not use any extension, just provide the basefile name
> html:
>        htlatex $(FILE)
> pdf:
>        pdflatex '\def\Status{1}\input $(FILE)'
> ------------------ end of makefile ----------------
This is the part I didn't know how to do. This is great and exactly
what I needed. I use GNU make for all my TeX documents so this will be
easy to implement.

Since you seem to know one or two things about tex4ht are all the
configuration file options documented anywhere? In the documentation
on my system (FC8, tetex-tex4ht 1.0.2008_02_28_2058-3) it says

"The following are some of the more useful underlying commands of TeX4ht."

Though many of the commands are self explanatory, others are not.

Thank you again for your detailed and most helpful answer.


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