[texhax] beamer question involving ps files

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Thu Jul 10 05:46:00 CEST 2008

On  9 Jul, 2008, at 13:38, otunno at CLEMSON.EDU wrote:

> Hi -
> I am currently creating a slideshow with a beamer document class  
> and the
> package "beamerthemesplit". I wish to call upon a graph (saved as a
> postscript file) for one of my slides. I typed in the following:
> \begin{frame}
> \frametitle{Arc length picture}
> \begin{figure}[h]
> 	\centering
> 		\includegraphics[height=3in,width=3in]{F:/arclengthplot.ps}
> 	\label{fig:arc length}
> \end{figure}
> \end{frame}
> I tried putting \usepackage{pgf} and then \usepackage{epsfig}

What you need is the graphicx package (at least in your example  
you're not using pgf/TikZ code); like this (typesetting via latex ->  
dvips -> PS to PDF):

\frametitle{Arc length picture}
	\label{fig:arc length}

Now ---if you first convert your ps image to pdf, with

epstopdf <your-figure>.ps

in a terminal (in Linux or Mac OS, but I guess with Windows you can  
do it in the Command Prompt) you can use pdfLaTeX then, and simply  
call your graphic as


without the extension.

There is a very helpful Beamer User mailing list:




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