[texhax] ODT to TeX

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI eduardo at kalinowski.com.br
Tue Jul 8 13:16:11 CEST 2008

Pierre MacKay wrote:
> Bear with me before deciding that this is hopelessly off-topic. 
> I believe, and certainly hope that there is a strong future for 
> conversion of Open Office ODT format into TeX input source.  Alas, it is 
> not easy, and I am struggling with my first attempts.  OpenOffice ODT is 
> simply a zipped file of XML files and some other things, and it unzips 
> easily, producing the needed files styles.xml and content.xml, which are 
> then subject to transformation, using XSLT. 

OpenOffice.org already has a Latex converter built-in. Certainly in
2.4.0, possibly earlier. In Writer, it's available under File->Export.

I cannot comment on the quality, I've never actually tried it. I guess
it would be similar to that of other existing X to Latex converters.

Nothing is as simple as it seems at first
	Or as hopeless as it seems in the middle
		Or as finished as it seems in the end.

eduardo at kalinowski.com.br

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