[texhax] steady decline in tug membership ?

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Thu Jan 31 08:43:04 CET 2008

Well, [no name provided] this is a forum that you are posting to. It  
just so happens that it uses an email client to display postings  
rather than a web browser. It is run by volunteers and is the product  
of an initiative that no doubt was started by one person's idea. In  
fact most activities in the TeX community are voluntary and no one is  
required to respond to any posting or question and indeed the  
community is run at cost to the individuals concerned so that you have  
some thing to complain about.

In the adult community, when one observes that there is a useful  
feature that may make life easier and if one has the time and  
facilities to action it, then a person may provide such services and  
perhaps make them available to the wider community. However most  
people who answer questions on this forum (and for that there are  
large numbers who are grateful) are also living a life and working to  
support that life. It may be that the idea has been considered but  
that the person/people had not the time or facilities to see it into  
fruition. Clearly you believe there is a need for this kind of  
interface so why don't you start the wiki or the forum and join in the  
spirit you say you crave to be part of? In other words, what are you  
offering in return for your demands?


On 31/01/2008, at 5:35 PM, justanotheradress at gmail.com wrote:

> I guess we define user friendly resp. usability differently...
> A forum and a wiki is something total different from that.
> On Jan 30, 2008 11:27 PM, Martin Heller <mr_heller at yahoo.dk> wrote:
> justanotheradress at gmail.com skrev:
> > I'm also a new TeX(live) user. After some back and forth I got my
> > question answered, but I really don't like the mailinglist-system.  
> While
> > this is may good for occasional and though questions from advanced
> > users, it's totally the wrong way to go for newbies. What I really  
> miss
> > is a central forum and a central wiki.
> You can post and read messages using your favorite news client
> through gmane.org. <http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.tex.texhax>.
> Also the usenet group comp.text.tex is quite friendly to new users.
> > I really don't care about regional meetings and stuff, but I  
> would, as
> > soon as my skills are better, share my knowledge in a forum and/or  
> wiki.
> Just start posting on usenet or contribute to the faq
> <http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?>.

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