[texhax] steady decline in tug membership ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jan 30 23:18:40 CET 2008

    Once TUG started the PracTeX conferences,
    -- as opposed to the Developers conferences --

We try to make all the conferences have material useful for both users
and developers.  There aren't enough people going to conferences to make
it feasible to split them.

    Local or regional meetings or conferences.

Well, Lance Carnes (who also originated the practex series) just had a
one-day meeting of classes in Berkeley.  For anyone who wants to
organize one, we can put notices on tug.org, etc.

    It is time to expect Old-Timer to pass on their knowledge.

The amount of documentation, books, code, etc., is pretty vast.

    * making TeX strength 'easier' for new users

Personally I think XeTeX is a remarkable development in this area,
making it possible to use native fonts and Unicode with essentially no
extra effort.


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