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I know of no such package, but I did think of a really nasty dirty trick
that might actually help you: put an empty element (such as an empty
equation) at the end of each paper, with a label in, like this:


or something similar, and then refer to \pageref{author_lastpage}.

I hope this (oe anything better someone else comes up with) helps!

Best wishes,

On Jan 30, 2008 12:19 AM, Robert Wilson <millstadtf at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am co-writing a group paper where each member is responsible for a
> specific section. At the beginning of the paper, we have to list which
> pages each member wrote. I have labeled each section and can thus give
> the first page the member wrote using \pageref{secName}. I currently
> list the last page the member wrote by giving the first page of the
> next section: \pageref{nextSec}. If I change the order of the
> sections, however, I'll have to rewrite all these, which isn't very
> portable. Also, if the next section starts on a new page (like with
> \clearpage), the last page number will be incorrect.
> I'd like to reference the last page of a section without referencing
> the next section, just like \lastpage, but with sections instead of
> the whole document. Does anyone know of a package like this?
> Thanks for any response,
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