[texhax] Suppressing page numbers on float pages

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Jan 29 17:07:34 CET 2008

Andrew Clegg :

> Hi folks,
> I hope this isn't a silly question, but I couldn't find an answer in
> any of the usual sources, even though it must be quite common.
> Is there a trick to suppressing the page number on a float page? I
> can't make it work.
> I have two large figures that LaTeX has put on a single page each,
> consecutively -- call them pages 104 and 105. I need to get rid of the
> page number on 104, because the figure's caption has nowhere else to
> go but down there, but no matter where I put my \thispagestyle{empty},
> it never affects either of the floats.
> If I put it before, inside (!) or shortly after the definition of the
> figure that's on 104, the page number on page 103 disappears instead,
> and 104 stays. If I then gradually move it down the document, at a
> certain point the gap 'jumps' and the number disappears from p. 106
> instead. At no intermediate point does it affect 104 or 105. Is that
> making sense?
> I assume it's processing the thispagestyle before it moves the figures
> around, and so generates new pages for them after that command has
> taken effect in the wrong place. Any suggestions would be gratefully
> received.

which document class?

the memoir class has buildin features for specifying the pagestyle on 
floatpages, but the standard classes does not.


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