[texhax] bug report documentation: Fonts for LATEX on OS X

Jeffrey Bolden jbolden at pica9.com
Mon Jan 28 20:39:26 CET 2008

Not sure where to send this.  Can you please forward as appropriate.

For the MacTeX distribution from you all there is a file on font  
installation: called Installing Fonts for LATEX on OS X
located in TeX/TeXtras/Documentation/Fonts/fonttutorial-current.html

Inside this document there is a short script given:

input fontint.sty

This program doesn't work the first line needs to be:
input fontinst.sty
  (change in bold)

It's a minor thing but since this is a key step its probably worth  

Thanks for your time,

Jeffrey Bolden
Director of Research and Development
Pica9, Inc.
(914) 908-4540, x126
jbolden at pica9.com

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