[texhax] Citations & References

cinquett at fclar.unesp.br cinquett at fclar.unesp.br
Sat Jan 26 12:53:30 CET 2008

Dear colleagues,

Could you help me with these problems of citations and references, quite
typical in Economics?

I. Citation
1. How to make "author's (date)"?
That is, how to quote some work using the author's name with apostrophe,
using the \cite{...} of the bibtex?

2. How to make "author (date: ch. 2)"?
That is, how to cite a book, specifying the chapter, but not having the
author in parenthesis? The only way I know
"\cite[][ch. 2]{label}" places the authors in the parenthesis.

II. References
3 How to Capitalize proper names that belong to the article's title? The
bibtex place all words in lower case letters.


Carlos A. Cinquetti
Dep. of Economics
Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

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