[texhax] Creating new math operator symbol

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Jan 22 23:23:33 CET 2008

Eldon Lytle writes:
 > I'm a new member of TUG


 > PS: By the way, in an attempt to find font information, I've searched 
 > the TUG laTeX installation on my iMac for 'nfssfont.tex' without 
 > success.

If you have LaTeX installed, it should be there. 


Is there a package "fonttable" available?  Or is fonttable.sty already
installed?  Don't know anything about fonttable but I found it when I
searched for "nfssfont.tex" in the TeX Live package database.

However, if you have LaTeX installed and nfssfont.tex is missing, then
most likely something is wrong with your installation.


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