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Hello again,

On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 05:26:39 +0100
Oleg Parashchenko <olpa at xmlhack.ru> wrote:

> ...
> > Consodoc looks very promising; are you in a position
> > to explain why it works only in a *X environment and
> > could not be made to work under Microsoft Windows ?
> Actually, it should work under Windows. Consodoc and its components
> (TeXML, SCons) are just Python scripts, the only complication is to find
> out how to run this scripts under Windows. Should be easy if you are not
> just a powerful user, but a programmer.

Forgot to add:

If you use Mac OS X and DarwinPorts, then you can install Consodoc by
giving the command

sudo port install consodoc

But you might need to update the local database ("sudo port selfupdate" or
"sudo port sync").

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