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Oleg Parashchenko olpa at xmlhack.ru
Wed Jan 9 08:25:02 CET 2008

Hello Kate,

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007 07:13:48 -0800
Kate Hayes <khayes at ppi2pass.com> wrote:

> Hi. I've been given the task of researching possible ways to convert XML
> documents to TeX.

Unfortunately, XML publishing through TeX is easier said than done.
Especially, if you want complete automation.

> I've been reading a little about TeXML, and it sounds
> like what we need.


> Could you give me an overview, step by step of what is involved in the
> conversion, just so I can see if it's possible for us?

In short: thanks to XSLT and TeXML you can easily convert XML tags to
LaTeX commands and environments. You also need a [La]TeX style file which
defines formatting. This file has to be written by you.

A simple example can be found in the Consodoc package:

> What I know now:
> Plain TeX (but could no doubt learn LaTeX very easily), enough XML to
> get by and good at learning more.

In a month, for one of the clients, we (bitplant.de) are going to deliver
a first TeXML-based publishing server for publishing technical
documentation, with support of Russian/Chinese/etc. Then I'm going to
summarize experience and submit a paper and a presentation for
XML Prague 2008 (xmlprague.cz). If you are interested, I can send an
alpha version of the paper (when ready) to you.

> Thank you!

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