[texhax] fitting a draw from into tex

Bernard Perez bernardperez31 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 00:10:24 CET 2008

Dear Tex users,
  I want to fit a draw which I have done in words into tex. The problem is that the draw is 1/3 of the lenght of the word page and when I transfer into pdf and I include into tex using:
\caption{my graph}
  I get  the title at the bottom of the page with a big space between the actual draw and the caption because the pdf file of the draw is a whole page. My question is:
  "Can you resize the page lenght of word of my draw so when I read into tex it does not take a whole page and title is just below the draw?" 
  I tried width and height  without sucess....
  Thanks a lot for your help,

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