[texhax] Collaborative editing: Latex

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Wed Feb 13 23:47:43 CET 2008

Tom Backer Johnsen skrev:
> Some colleagues and I are collaborating on a book project using Latex, 
> and it would perhaps be nice to use some web-based tool.  I came 
> across one in a web page or magazine some time ago where the 
> illustration was Latex.  I promptly forgot/stupidly to make a note of 
> it at the time.  Are there anyone who can jog my memory or make a 
> suggestion?

Here is an editor that claims to be:

	a free collaborative editor supporting multiple 	
	documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It runs
	on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-like


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