[texhax] Removing vertical space in list in table

Zachary Leung deutsixfive at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 11:15:52 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm writing a table, and used the compactenum environment provided by the
paralist package. Unfortunately, the results are slightly dissatisfactory,
as you can see from the pdf output. There's some vertical space between the
beginning of the line and that of the compactenum. Any idea how to get rid
of that space? I tried \setlength{pltopsep}{0mm} but that didn't work. Hmmm.






  & Largest molecule (No.\ of atoms)
  & Input data
  & RMSD (\AA) \\
    EMBED (83), \\ DISGEO (84), \\ DG-II (91), \\ APA (99)
  & 454
  & \begin{compactenum}[(1)]
        All distance and chirality constraints
        needed to fix covalent structure given exactly.
         Some or all of the distances between hydrogen atoms
         less than 4 \AA\ apart and in different amino acid residues
         given as bounds.
  & 2.08 \\



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