[texhax] a desired command

scholtz at usc.edu scholtz at usc.edu
Wed Apr 23 03:10:04 CEST 2008

I'm an avid TeX Shop user and currently writing papers and a book in 
LaTeX.  I've run into one problem that I cannot completely solve.

I have a table that is much too wide for a page.  I'd like to rotate 
it 90 degrees CCW so that it will fit on a page all by itself, within 
a much larger standard document.  I suppose that I could create two 
documents with different page shapes and splice them together 
afterwards (make the unusual typeset page a graphic, rotate it, and 
then insert it with \includegraphics), but then table, and equation 
numbers, etc., within the rotated material are a problem.  Is there 
any way to rotate one table (a page) within a TeX document?   Ideally 
I would like a \tablerotate{  } command that would float the table to 
the next free page, take care of changes in the page shape and turn 
everything 90 degrees.  I assume that a similar \figurerotate{ } 
command with similar characteristics would be useful too.

Any help would be appreciated.
Dr. Robert Scholtz
Fred H. Cole Professor of Engineering
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2565
scholtz at usc.edu

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