[texhax] Ask for solution of a latex problem

G. Garai gautam.garai at saha.ac.in
Wed Apr 16 11:20:27 CEST 2008


I want to put a separate header on the title page (i.e., 1st page) which is
different from the header on odd and even numbered pages. Let me explain my problem
with the commands I have used in my Latex document of 4 pages.


The following commands are used for all even and odd numbered pages and I can
achieve it.

\lhead[{\small Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for 2-D Dot Pattern Matching Problem}\\]{}
\rhead[]{{\small Proceedings of the National Conference CSI-RDHS 2008}\\}
\lfoot[{\small \copyright ~~Computer Society of India, 2008}]
      {{\small \copyright ~~Computer Society of India, 2008}}

Now the following commands are used for the first page of the article. But the
moment I use these commands, the header of the first page and the 3rd page of the
article are changed. But I want the first page header as follows and it is different
from other page header. Please help me out.

\rhead[]{\fancyplain{}{{\small Proceedings of the National Conference on} \\
               {\small Research and Development in Hardware \& System} \\
               {\small (CSI-RDHS 2008)} \\
               {\small June 20-21, 2008, Kolkata, India}}}


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