[texhax] Q: how to generate PS font from MF input?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 16:46:23 CEST 2008

Well, having spent a happy three hours over the weekend trying to get either:

1. pdftex to understand that I have created a type 1 version from the mf
source using fontforge; or

2. pdftex to build/use a bitmapped version of my font

I am now ready to scream and throw my computer against something extremely

How can it be this hard? Can't someone please tell me where to put the
various files so pdftex can find them?

This whole thing seems to be made considerably more confusing by the fact
that almost all the google hits refer to LaTeX; and many others seem to be
trying to solve the problem of allowing fonts to be used by tex rather than

I have managed to put everything back the way that it was when I started
this fiasco, so at least I haven't broken anything, but I'm certainly no
closer to getting pdftex to be able to compile my TeX file.

To recap:

1. I have an old plain tex file that refers to a font called pal10.
2. I have the MF source for pal10.
3. I am trying to pdftex to compile the plain tex file.

At this point I don't care whether pdftex ends up using the type 1 version
or a bitmapped version.

Naively, it seems like I should just be able to put pal10.mf somewhere and
pdftex should be able to do everything necessary.


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