[texhax] using \vinphantom

Michael Lommel michael.lommel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 04:50:31 CEST 2008

Two distinct questions:



the command

\vinphantom doesn't seem available.

It works with


Without using memoir, is there a way to get \vinphantom?


I would like to subtract the value of \vinphantom from a fixed value to
create an offset inline. I started out with:

\poemtitle{Amor vs Odio}
\settowidth{\versewidth}{¡Ódiame! mmmmmm ¡No lo odies!}
¡Ódiame!\vinphantom{¡Ódiame!}\hspace{6em} ¡No lo odies!\\
Porque vengo\vinphantom{Porque vengo}\hspace{6em}¡Ámame!\\
del naciente\vinphantom{del naciente} \hspace{6em}¡Ámalo!\\

Then realized I need to subtract the \vinphantom value from the fixed em
value so that the remainder of each line is lined up as if with a tab.

I know there is a tabbing environment, but would like to take this
opportunity to learn something more general about how to subtract variable

ciao --
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