[texhax] A question with regards to align*

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Apr 8 17:31:38 CEST 2008

Christian Hans Aastrup :

> Hello there!
> I'm very happy to display mathematics in
> \begin{align*}
> ...
> \end{align*}
> and I'm wondering whether it is possible to make LaTeX read
> $$ .... $$ as \begin{align*} ... \end{align*}???
> - Christian Aastrup

I would not be a good idea, and as \begin{align*} is actually looking for 
the literal string '\end{align*}' I don't think it is possible.

If typing \begin{align*} all the time is tedious, I would recommend 
switching to a better editor.

Note also that using


makes the code a lot easier to read than using


or as most $$-users do


On a different note, it is not a good idea to use align* for one-liners 
(such as $$...$$) since align is not aware of the length of the line of 
text just before the math display, whereas equation(*) is, and equation(*) 
therefore is able to re-adjust it position acordingly (which uses the 
space on the page a lot better).

As you seem to be danish, I would recommend my Danish LaTeXbook



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