[texhax] A challenge for the multi-biblio specialists

Christophe Berthod christophe.berthod at physics.unige.ch
Wed Apr 2 14:19:38 CEST 2008


I tried multibib, multibbl, and bibunits, but none of these could
apparently do what I want. Here is the problem.

I have a document reporting on six different projects. In each
project I want an independent bibliography (that is: independent
numeric numbering and independent treatment of identical references
cited in different projects). This is a case for bibunits.

However I need something more that bibunits cannot do: in each
project there are two kinds of citations, the citations of
publications resulting from the project itself, and the citations of
other publications unrelated to the project. Theses two kinds of
citations must share a common numbering inside each project, but
must appear in distinct lists of references at the end of each project
report. If I had only one project this would be a case for multibib
without the 'resetlabels' option. But with several projects the
numbering of citations is not restarted at each project, and
furthermore the labels for citations to identical references in
different projects are mixed.

It seems that a combination of bibunits and multibib would do the
trick, but no idea how to achieve this.

Thanks for your help.

Christophe B.

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