[texhax] simple rotate/invert : thanks a lot!

Bryan W. Lepore Bryan.Lepore at umassmed.edu
Tue Apr 1 16:59:17 CEST 2008

hey all, thanks for the pointers!  here's what i had in mind :

% M. Leingang rotation/inversion
\usepackage{rotating}% provides a rotate environment

imagine a page here with left, top, right, bottom marked :

L & T & R \\
   & B &   \\\hline

rotate 180$^\circ$ about $y$-axis

\reflectbox{R} & \reflectbox{T} & \reflectbox{L} \\
                & \reflectbox{B} &                \\\hline

combine operations :

                & \reflectbox{\rotatebox[origin=c]{180}{B}} & 
\reflectbox{\rotatebox[origin=c]{180}{L}} & 
\reflectbox{\rotatebox[origin=c]{180}{T}} & 
\reflectbox{\rotatebox[origin=c]{180}{R}} \\\hline

cool!  thanks Matthew, Martin, Edsko, Phil  -- especially Rupert Swarbrick 
for pointing to p.57 in the Comprehensive Latex Symbol List!


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