[texhax] simple rotate/invert character

Rupert Swarbrick rswarbrick at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 13:24:16 CEST 2008

Bryan W. Lepore <Bryan.Lepore <at> umassmed.edu> writes:

> is there a short command to rotate/invert a letter?  so that without 
> having to start a new environment, one could do something like :
> \invert{B}
> or
> \rotate{B}
> so the "B" gets inverted or rotated?
> -bryan

>From the "Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List", p57:

Reflecting and rotating existing symbols
   A common request on comp.text.tex is for a reversed or rotated version of an
existing symbol. As a last resort, these effects can be achieved with the
graphicx (or graphics) package’s \reflectbox and \rotatebox macros. For example,

Presumably, the trick to get stuff at the right height is the "origin" parameter.

It suggests that if you're worried about every output format/renderer doing the
right thing, you should instead try to find an actual upside-down font glyph.


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