[texhax] BachoTeX 2008: extension of the early registration

Jerzy B. Ludwichowski Jerzy.Ludwichowski at uni.torun.pl
Tue Apr 1 12:36:05 CEST 2008

Good news for all those who did not make the early registration

We were able to extend it until *April 5th, 2008* (this is not a  
Fools Day thing)!

Other good news:
-- Robert Ole\'{s}, the Polish book designer and lead editor of the  
   Polish edition of Bringhurst's "Elements of Style in Typopography"
    will give a paper at the conference
-- the main page (http://www.gust.org.pl/BachoTeX/2008/) lists other
    prominent speakers
-- the "TeX contra TeX" day is going to be an remarkable event, for
    details see
-- the same applies to the font day and, of course,
-- the asthetic aspects of typography day, with Robert Ole\'{s),
   Andrzej Tomaszewski and Adam Twardoch.

See you at the jubilee BachoTeX!

Jerzy Ludwichowski
Organizing committee

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