[texhax] Alternate calligrahic font

Michael Barr barr at math.mcgill.ca
Sat Sep 29 14:48:05 CEST 2007

I use Zapf chancery which is a very nice font with both capitals and lower 
case.  However, I find the design size too small and I use what I call 
pzcbig, with the following ot1pzcbig.fd file:

   [2000/01/12 PSNFSS-v8.1 font definitions for OT1/pzc.]


   <-> s*[1.2] pzcmi7t

\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{m}{it}{<->ssub * pzc/mb/it}{}
\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{mb}{sl}{<->ssub * pzc/mb/it}{}
\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{m}{sl}{<->ssub * pzc/mb/sl}{}
\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{m}{n}{<->ssub * pzc/mb/it}{}

\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{m}{ui}{<->ssub * pzc/m/it}{}
\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{pzcbig}{b}{ui}{<->ssub * pzc/b/it}{}

When the above fd file is available, the declaration


will select a font family "pzcbig", which is made up from the same
fonts as the family pzc (Zapf Chancery), however, scaled to 120% of
its "natural" size.

Michael Barr

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