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Duc Son Pham DucSon.Pham at curtin.edu.au
Tue Sep 25 16:39:11 CEST 2007

Thank you Phil for your reply.

Your idea seems coincident with my initial thought. Thanks to the example at 


I have found a quick (though not elegant) fix to this, so I post it here

in case some one else might also be interested:

Solution: Suppose the total number of references in myfile.bbl is 100, then 

\renewcommand*{\@biblabel}[1]{[\thepointnumber \addtocounter{pointnumber}{-1}]}

The only disadvantage is that I need to supply the number 101 manually.

Someone out there might have a better solution?



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> I've been reading through the documentation at 
> http://www.tex.ac.uk and 
> trying a number of packages but so far have not yet found a 
> solution to 
> a , I believe, simple Latex/Bibtex problem.
> Any help would be much appreciated to the following question: 
> "how could 
> I tell Bibtex to reverse the order of numbering in the bibilography 
> section?"
> [snip]

I don't know of any BibTeX styles that do this, but at a guess (i.e. I
haven't tried this), it should be possible to modify your favourite BibTeX
style file by changing the year it uses for ordering to, say 9999-year.
Sorry, I just haven't time to go into this further.

Cheers,  Phil

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