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pjotr at ualg.pt pjotr at ualg.pt
Tue Sep 18 14:43:33 CEST 2007

Dear Paul, or whoever reads this

I don't know if this e-mail'll arrive (the page I found it was 3 years  
old), but if it does, I want to say that your comment was very  
helpful. It was EXACTLY what I needed for exactly the purpose you  


- Peter

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Hi TeXnicians,

I often need to type subscripts in math mode that are roman instead of
italic. To avoid having to do a \mathrm every time, I defined


so I can have roman subscripts with $X_{ff}$ and italic subscripts with

My question is: Since I have some experience in using TeX, but very little
experience in programming TeX, are there any disadvantages to this method?



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