[texhax] nomenclature

Natércia Fernandes natercia at eq.uc.pt
Tue Sep 18 13:30:45 CEST 2007


Thanks Philip and Anne for your answers.

Philip, I guess your hint was correct, I was "pdflatexing" once then I would 
do makeindex for getting the nomenclature, and only then I would do pdflatex 
several times to get the document stable.  But the nomenclature had been made 
when it was still unstable.

yeah, I see what you mean, but nomencl indicates not a float but the last 
equation that appears in the document before setting the \nomenclature 
command. I would get this eq OK, but the page was not the page of such 

> I experienced this issue using hyperref.  Sometimes it helps to run latex
> a second time, but often I found I could not solve this problem without
> editing the secondary files that latex produces (which is not really a
> solution).
Maybe here I can give you a suggestion:  links for equations, tables, itens, 
chapters, sections, etc do work fine for you right?  the hyperref links 
that "don't work" are the ones of text labels, right?
Just add \phantomsection:

\phantomsection\label{txt:mylabel} some text

Thanks to both!

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