[texhax] nomenclature

Natércia Fernandes natercia at eq.uc.pt
Mon Sep 17 21:24:09 CEST 2007


I'm using nomentbl (that uses nomencl and longtable) to make the nomenclature 
of my document.
When I turn on the option refpage, the page numbers I get in the nomenclature 
list aren't correct (better: some are correct, some are incorrect).
If I also turn on the option refeq, apparently all the equation references are 
Can someone give me a hint why nomencl is not working properly?

I am also using the hyperref package, so if I click on the reference of the 
equation associated with the symbol I'm describing it really takes me to the 
correct place in the document.
But if I click on the page number it takes me to a wrong page (that is, it 
correctly takes me to the wrong page that was indicated there).

Thanks a lot!

PS - The order these packages are put in my file is (as advised):


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