[texhax] dramatist: line numbering

John Burt burt at brandeis.edu
Wed Sep 12 13:06:57 CEST 2007

I'm not completely sure I understand the question. The line in your  
example that the verse package numbers as the fifth line really is  
the fifth line. Perhaps it is a confusion over the meaning of "line."  
Verse numbers verse lines, but you might have in mind what dramatists  
mean by "line," which is to say, "speech," which would mean that the  
second time
\man speaks he speaks one "line" (although two lines of verse).

If the latter is what you mean, you might use poemscol rather than  
verse to number the lines, using its sentence numbering rather than  
its line numbering commands.  (Use the latex commands for verse,  
rather than the poemscol commands for verse, and use the poemscol  
commands to mark "lines" in your sense.) Mark the line (in your sense  
of line) with \pmsentence rather than with \verseline.

John Burt

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