[texhax] version 4.2 question

Thomas Marschak marschak at haas.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 11 01:05:52 CEST 2007

I would be very graetful for any suggestions about the following.
I have Tex version 4.2 in my PC (desktop).
It's set for Latex.
No problems for 2-3 years until just now.
A Tex document was sent to me as an email attachment two days ago. I unwisely saved it in my Version 4.2 file.
Since then I am having trouble with any new Version 4.2 Tex document.
When I hit "typeset" I get a "can't find" message, preceded by the statement "This is Tex Version 3.14159 (PTITEX)".  
What can I do?
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