[texhax] Still struggling with Vista

Michael Barr barr at math.mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 5 23:57:02 CEST 2007

Readers of my recent posts will know I am stuggling to get TeX working 
properly under Vista.  I have given up on TeXLive2007 and have installed 
MikTeX.  It seems to run properly except that yap runs with the message:
X Not all fonts could be loaded.  See 'File->Document Properties', for 
details.  There is an OK box and a Help box.  I cannot find any file 
called Document Properties.  If you click on help you get a screen that 

1. Fonts

This page lists all loaded.
If a font could not be 
loaded then it appears 
as >>> Not loadable 
- double-click to 
see details.  You will 
get a detailed problem
description, when you
double-click the entry.

It is not evident what should be double clicked.  It is not evident 
whether this is  a message from the OS or from Yap.  I tried 
double-clicking everything in sight.  The missing fonts (pzc) are there 
and the file seems to display properly except for them.  Another font 
(eufk) is loaded after that since it appears later.  The font is correctly 
pointed to by lsr, so I am at a loss.  The same file can be viewed 
perfectly well on my older computer under XP.  The copy of MikTeX was 
copied verbatim to the new computer.  Can anyone tell me the meaning of 
the message and where to look to get that detailed description?

Michael Barr

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