[texhax] 2 Cross references types in memoir based book

M. Fioretti mfioretti at mclink.it
Tue May 8 23:53:49 CEST 2007


a few weeks ago, I asked here about "a ready Latex template for a 6 x
9 book" or at least pointers about it. W. Adams (thanks!) was so kind
to point me to the Koma and Memoir document classes.

I have only started recently to study the documentation of Memoir and
to play with it. According to the Memoir manual, I have set the paper
size to 6x9 with the command:


and right now am playing with the margin settings to get them right,
but this is not the reason of this request. Now, the book contains
two classes of cross references:

a) references to other chapters of the book
b) references to Internet web pages

Right now these references are all expressed in the tex source as urls
to local (a) or Internet URLs (b) in this form:

\htmladdnormallink{some text}{http://site.com or file://some/chapter}

I would like to transform both kinds of links so they have a different
appearance, ie:

a link of tipe a) to chapter 9 becomes, maybe, a "[9]" written as a
superscript to "some text"

a link of type b) becomes, for example, a subscript "{5/30}" where
5/30 would mean "to know more about this, go to my web page and follow
link #30 of those listed under chapter 5)

	(of course, {5/30} should be written in another way, so it is
	immediately apparent to the eye that it is not a reference to
	another book chapter)

Sorry for the lenghty explanation, I'm still learning the details of
LaTeX and typography terminology. I know how to process the tex source
to transform those expressions in something else with Perl, awk and so
on. My only questions are:

1) which (Memoir) markup do you suggest to mark links a) and b) above?
2) does the general idea makes sense, or is there another more standard/
   stilysh way to achieve the same result?

Thank you in advance,


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