[texhax] 'continue to next line' control sequence?

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Jul 30 21:08:19 CEST 2007

Bryan W. Lepore :

> On Mon, 30 Jul 2007, Lars Madsen wrote:
>>>> why do you have \multicolumn on every entry?
>>> well, its something i just left to figure out later - a stop-gap measure.
>>> but i take this to mean "no - there is no continue-to-next-line" c.s.
>> I just do not understand what you want the 'continue to next line' for?
> oh, simply b/c it 'looks better' in emacs
>> is is a line break in the source code?
> yes
>> is it a line break in the table?
> no
> i didn't realize you can just put a carriage-return in there as usual for 
> latex and its all good - Lamport, 2nd. ed. p.63 shows this but doesn't 
> discuss it.
> but i know what i have is a mess - its just stuck there until i have some 
> 'free time' to sort it out
> but thanks a lot!
> -bryan

being an emacs user, do you know what happens if you issue

M-x align-current

inside a tabular?

That is a vary handy feature

for tables:

learn to use booktabs, array, dcolumn/numprint

colors in tables: colortbl and friends.

if you can get your ahnd on a copy then have a look at the tables in the 
Chicago manual of style, i.e. do not use vertical lines in tables.

Here is a quote from Robert Bringhurst:

Tables are notoriously time-consuming to typeset, but the problems posed 
are often editorial as mush as typographic. If the table is not planned in 
a readable form to begin with, the typographer can render it readable only 
by rewriting or redesigning it from scratch.


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