[texhax] 'continue to next line' control sequence?

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI ekalin at laposte.net
Mon Jul 30 20:35:55 CEST 2007

Bryan W. Lepore escreveu:
> does latex or tex have a 'continue to next line' control sequence? 
> something like \ in gnuplot?
> e.g., i have some really long lines in table, (modulo your email program's 
> word-wrap):
> &\%something$\to$&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{5\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{10\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{13\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{14\%}
> i'd like to make it something like :
> &\%something$\to$&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{5\%} CONTINUE-TO-NEXT-LINE 
> &\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{10\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{13\%}&\multicolumn{something}
> so its easier in emacs.
As noted, you can finish a line with % and the next line is read as if 
it belonged right after the first one (that is, with no whitespace).

But, in this case, you can just break the line. Whitespace around the 
column separator & is irrelevant.

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