[texhax] 'continue to next line' control sequence?

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Jul 30 18:29:43 CEST 2007

Bryan W. Lepore :

> does latex or tex have a 'continue to next line' control sequence?
> something like \ in gnuplot?
> e.g., i have some really long lines in table, (modulo your email program's
> word-wrap):
> &\%something$\to$&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{5\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{10\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{13\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{14\%}
> i'd like to make it something like :
> &\%something$\to$&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{5\%} CONTINUE-TO-NEXT-LINE
> &\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{10\%}&\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{13\%}&\multicolumn{something}
> so its easier in emacs.
> -bryan

what exactly are you attempting to do?

why do you have \multicolumn on every entry?

do you know about the 'p' column specifier?


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