[texhax] wrapfig and subsection headers?

Will Ray willray at mac.com
Sun Jul 29 05:52:42 CEST 2007

I hate to bother the group with what is probably a FAQ, but I can't
seem to figure out the right query with which to google up an answer.

I'm trying to wrapfig some figures, currently using wrapfig 3.6.

In some cases these are obliged to wrap subsection* headings.
The behavior that I'm seeing is that if one does, thereafter, _all_
subsection* or subsection headings are wrapped to the same
(shortened) width, as are the first n lines of all subsequent

If I replace the subsection* with, ie \textbf, everything
works fine.  If I force the wrapfig to not overlap the subsection*
heading, everything works fine, or at least more as expected.

If I call a zero-width wrapfig after the end of the paragraph that
_should_ be wrapped, everything pops back into proper alignment.
This would almost be an acceptable hack, except in places where
I have the wrapfig running beside a series of shorter paragraphs,
where I'd have to pick the right line-break internal to the right
paragraph to "unwrap" at (because all shorter paragraphs, being
less than the wrapping height of the wrapfig, now all wrap, even
when they're not beside the wrapfig.

Manual placement, or floated placement does not seem to affect
the outcome.

Any pointers to either what I'm doing wrong, or where I can find
a workable solution, would be most appreciated.

Will Ray

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