[texhax] Latex and Windows Vista

Trond Petersen trond at haas.berkeley.edu
Mon Jul 23 02:29:02 CEST 2007

I have used Latex for 22 years.

My current implementation is TLC2 TEX CD, which I got on CD in book 
by Mittelbach and Goosens on Addison-Wesley.

I use Emacs for entering text.

Here is my problem:

1.  I had to get a new PC, and got one with Windows Vista.

2.  I installed the TEX program and Emacs

3.  When I open Emacs and try to process a Latex file, using 
PDFLatex, I get error message, that I cannot use PDFLatex in Batch mode.

4.  Other than that everything looks fine.

Any suggestions for how I can get LATEX to work with Windows Vista?

Thank you.

Trond Petersen

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