[texhax] LaTeX bibliography woes.

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Wed Jul 11 15:44:17 CEST 2007

    Evgenie Medvedev writes:

    Karl Berry wrote:

    > If that's right, my low-tech fix would be not to use \subsection.  Just
    > kludge in your own macro that formats the heading accordingly.
    > \medskip\leftline{\bf ...} comes to mind :).

    	Well, I'm finished with the sorting script, and it works, for suitably
    small quantities of 'works'... The only question remaining is how to
    insert the pseudo-section headers into \thebibliography environment.

    	Simply pasting it as a separate paragraph doesn't work. Using \item
    results in the line with the pseudo-header being numbered, which is
    definitely not what I want. The [label] option for \item I saw mentioned
    somewhere doesn't seem to work within \thebibliography.
    	Is there any reasonable way to squeeze them in?

the ams author faq
has a question
  How can I add some explanatory text between
  entries in my bibliography?
the code that is suggested there should work
for you, with perhaps some adjustments to the
vertical spacing.

although the ams author faq has been created
with a bias toward ams publications using the
ams-latex document classes, there are many
questions and answers of interest to all authors.
							-- bb

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