[texhax] LaTeX bibliography woes.

medvedev at project7.ru medvedev at project7.ru
Tue Jul 10 23:46:16 CEST 2007

Karl Berry wrote:

> If that's right, my low-tech fix would be not to use \subsection.  Just
> kludge in your own macro that formats the heading accordingly.
> \medskip\leftline{\bf ...} comes to mind :).

	Well, I'm finished with the sorting script, and it works, for suitably
small quantities of 'works'... The only question remaining is how to
insert the pseudo-section headers into \thebibliography environment.

	Simply pasting it as a separate paragraph doesn't work. Using \item
results in the line with the pseudo-header being numbered, which is
definitely not what I want. The [label] option for \item I saw mentioned
somewhere doesn't seem to work within \thebibliography.
	Is there any reasonable way to squeeze them in?

Evgenie Medvedev

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