[texhax] Multiple versions of weave.web 4.4?

Brian O'Toole Brian.O.Toole at mathworks.com
Thu Jul 5 14:05:57 CEST 2007

Hello All,

As I have tried to reproduce bugs in our TeX system, I have discovered on 
the 'Net two different files that both identify themselves as weave.web 
Version 4.4.  I realize that any desired customization may be accomplished 
with weave.ch, but I am surprised to find two versions of the 
Knuth-developed file.  The current CTAN version shows lines 4811-4812 as:

    loop at +  begin print_nl('#'); update_terminal; {prompt}
      read(term_in,ddt); {read a debug-command code}

Yet, other versions on the 'Net show lines 4811-4812 as:

    loop at +  begin write(term_out,'#'); update_terminal; {prompt}
      read(term_in,ddt); {read a list of integers}

Does anyone know how this happened?  Did Knuth make a fix and keep the 
Version at 4.4?  If Knuth made such a fix, do you know when he did so?


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