[texhax] Long Math equations

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI ekalin at laposte.net
Wed Jul 4 20:37:24 CEST 2007

Miroslav Beranič ml. escreveu:
> Thanks, I have not know this. In every tutorial environment eqnarray 
> was written as proper way of doing this. But, this is not quite what I 
> wanted. I've attached PDF that will show what I mean. The first 
> problem is on page 5. Where the equation "A = - integral ..." should 
> be splited between first and second column; but now second equation 
> behaves as single large object and is not broken up by lines - and 
> because of this - such large vertical spaces are inserted.
> There are a lot more such problems throwout the paper ... for now I am 
> interested in this problem. I know I have others too.
Section 3.9 of amsldoc describes how to achieve breaks within equation 
groups like this. However, note that a break there should be discouraged 
--- it will make it harder to follow the sequence, I'd say.
> I will read more on AMS but in short: how do I align equation to the 
> left side, now they are on center of page/column?
The same way as with latex. Use option fleqn. Adding it as a class 
option should work, if not, load the amsmath package with that option also.

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