[texhax] Makeindex ith German Umlaut

Dieter Kilsch kilsch at fh-bingen.de
Sun Jul 1 22:58:05 CEST 2007

I got the following problem with Makeindex:

yields an entry

which Makeindex sorts under Symbole (Symbols) and not under A.

The option -g of Makeindex would sort
correctly but does not sort
\indexentry{\"aquidistant|hyperpage}{152} as I did expect!

There is the obvious way around
but there are a lot of these Umlaute, so I am looking fpr a better way.

Also I a made all Umlaute written as "a ... when writing the .tex to 
disk. But then I got strange indexentries by Latex:

translated to
\indexentry{Vollst\active at dq  \dq at prtct{a}ndigkeit|hyperpage}{2}
which Makeindex did not like:

!! Input index error (file = Skr.idx, line = 14):
    -- Extra `@' at position 22 of first argument.

and I do not understand at all!

Any suggestions what could cause this and how to come around?

For information my Makeindex style file:

quote '+'
headings_flag 1
heading_prefix "\\textbf{\\large "
heading_suffix "} \\nopagebreak%\n \\vspace{.5ex} \\nopagebreak\n"
symhead_positive "Symbole"

Dieter Kilsch

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