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Elizabeth Gilliard egilliard at clara.co.uk
Sun Jul 1 14:54:35 CEST 2007


In the 1990s, I used TeX quite a lot. This means that I now have a number of files which are in TeX but that I can't open on my more recent desktop and laptop computers. 

I am a technical incompetent (as well as, pretty much, a TeXnichal incompetent). I do have all my old discs somewhere, I think, but when I last tried to download TeX from them (a year or more ago) I got something wrong. So, I wanted to download TeX from the internet. 

But I don't know 
1) my old licence number or if I can still use the old licence

2) which format to download - although I use pcs now, with windows, it's Plain TeX that I know how to write and use, not MiXTeX or LaTeX - can I download good old Plain TeX? 

3) How to get in touch with UK-TUG, whose webpage seems to have expired.

Any help you can offer would be gratefully received.



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