[texhax] inporting pic to latex Doc

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Sat Feb 24 14:55:26 CET 2007

2007/2/24, Thabo Gopane <tgopane at bigpond.net.au>:
> My easiest way to get any diagram (graph, sketch of lines and boxes), is to
> safe it the doc first in PDF. Then I import into latex, like this:
> \begin{center}\label{A:Fig3}
>   \includegraphics[width=5.25in]{framewrk}
> \end{center}

Uh - please read l2tabuen.

> The problem is that Latex seems to import the page and not the actual object
> (or pic). Now I have a pic imported but with a lot of margins. This makes
> document look bad. Please help. Please help me to:

You can use either pdfcrop to crop the included PDF, or use the trim
or viewport keys to trim the inclusion:

\includegrahics[width=5.25in,trim=1in 1in 1in 1in,clip]{framewrk}


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