[texhax] Type 1 fonts on Vista

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Feb 8 00:11:22 CET 2007

    It seems that Type 1 fonts are no longer supported on MS Windows,  
    that is on Vista. What are the likely impacts on LaTeX?

Well, if a pdf file containing type1 fonts won't be rendered on Vista,
that would certainly be pretty bad.  On the other hand, I'm under the
impression that Acrobat (and definitely Ghostscript and sumatrapdf) do
their own rendering, not using a system library, in which case they'd be
unaffected.  Ditto DVI viewers.

There are opentype versions of many TeX fonts available (e.g., Latin
Modern), and pdftex can use truetype fonts, but that is still not the
most common practice.

On another front, I gather that Vista has many new restrictions on what
users are allowed to do (DRM and all that).  How or if that will affect
TeX, I do not know.


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