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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Mon Feb 5 16:13:16 CET 2007


> hi,
> i'm sending this off-list, since i haven't time
> to get into long discussions.

Ok.  I'm passing it to the list for others to see.

> however, i think the problem you're encountering
> is that a \usepackage call doesn't work from
> inside a .cls or .sty file.
> here's what's done in the file amsart.cls to load
> amsfonts.sty:
> \DeclareOption{psamsfonts}{%
>   \PassOptionsToPackage{psamsfonts}{amsfonts}%
>   \PassOptionsToPackage{cmex10}{amsmath}}
> \RequirePackage{amsfonts}[1995/01/01]
> \RequirePackage{amsmath}
> the actual situation is a bit more complicated,
> but this is the guts of the matter.
> so what you probably should do is this:
> \PassOptionsToPackage{...}{natbib}
> not guaranteed -- i haven't tried it in your
> situation, but amsart.cls is a working class of
> long standing.
> 							-- bb

Ok, I tried that:


It gave me this:

Package natbib Warning: Author undefined for citation`Shannon1948' 
(natbib)                on page 1 on input line 83.

I did get the condensed form [1-3], but it has brackets.

I got the same result with


So it didn't work.


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