[texhax] the \let command

R.Tange at soton.ac.uk R.Tange at soton.ac.uk
Mon Nov 27 16:29:06 CET 2006

>You'll see that the only difference is LaTeX.  This is not an issue of
>someone misunderstanding or forgetting the meaning of \let (like I do
>all the time), but of something that works in TeX and doesn't work in

OK that is clear.

\show for the commands


gave this output

> \t=macro:
->\OML-cmd \t \OML\t .
l.4 \show\t

> \c=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \c \OT1\c .
l.5 \show\c

> \v=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \v \OT1\v .
l.6 \show\v

> \b=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \b \OT1\b .
l.7 \show\b

> \d=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \d \OT1\d .
l.8 \show\d

> \u=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \u \OT1\u .
l.9 \show\u

So there is indeed something special with \t (\OML instead of \OT1) although
I have no clue what this means.


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