[texhax] Is there other tools than bibtex for librarians

Eric Pietrocupo ericp at ariel.minilab.bdeb.qc.ca
Sat Nov 25 19:26:38 CET 2006


	I am studiying as a library technician, and I really love Latex. I
know that the bibliographic reference building is really developed, but I
wondered if thre was other tools made for librarians. For example :

Classification Scheme Builder : Being able to create a hierachy of
subject class to create a classification scheme like Dewey or Library of
congress. The numbering of the Classes would be done automatically and an
index could be created pointing on the subject number instead of page.

Subject Heading/Index builder : being able to build some kind of thesaurus
index, with redirection toward other entries in the index, that does not
necessarily point on a page like the current indexes. If it could
automatically manage word entries permutation, it could be interesting.

MARC Catalogue reading : A module to read marc catalogue entries

	If someday, I decide to make one of these package, what do I need
to learn to make my own package. Do I need to learn TEX?

						Sayonara (^_^)

						Eric Pietrocupo
						The Shadow

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